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Job Evaluation & Remuneration

Job Evaluation & Remuneration
Measuring, Evaluating and Recognizing Work
7-8 November 2008 ; Rp.2.500.000,-

What is Job Evaluation
Job Evaluation is a system for ranking jobs logically and fairly by comparing job against job or against a pre-determined scale to determine the relative size of jobs in an organization Job Evaluation is not absolute, not scientific, not unstructured, and not person centered.  It is comparative, judgmental, structured and job centered.
This workshop is about an understanding, skill and knowledge of using some Method of Job Evaluation, by providing case studies to practice the evaluation of a range jobs at different levels and function
After the workshop, we expect that participants know how to apply the Work Measurement tool that objectively evaluates and recognizes work in different business circumstances.  In detail, this workshop is meant to provide participants with:
–        An in-depth exploration of the dimensions and factors that are commonly considered in work comparison approaches.
–        An exploration of the implications of organization size, developmental stage, and work culture for tailoring work comparison and compensation decision processes for each organization.
–        Knowledge to use and adapt JE methods to support major changes in organization processes and structures, and resolve the common implementation issues experienced with the Hay method.
Human resource practitioners working in the compensation field, general HR management and line management who will be applying the methodology to the organization/unit.
People in, or preparing for, highly active and accountable leadership roles for which the use of the related compensation tools are value-added instruments.

Facilitator :
Pungki Purnadi holds a Master degree in Petroleum Engineering from Trisakti University and Master of Management from Institute of Management Development Indonesia. He has more than 17 years experiences as a HR practitioner, He started his career in HRM working for a multinational Oil & Gas company, TOTAL Indonesie and MedcoEnergi. He also had worked as an international HR consultant serving clients from various industries such as cement, tobaccos, telecommunication, power plants, and pharmaceuticals.
Recently, he joint Petronas International, advising the top management on its Human Capital Management programs. He is also the Chairman of Training & Develoment Organization within Oil & Gas Industry (KKSD). During last seven years, he has been very active as a facilitator for several HR programs for some professional training vendors in Indonesia. Most of the programs that he conducts are related to HR best practices.

No Account :
BCA – KCP Ahmad Yani – Bekasi
No. Rek : 739 041 0829  a/n  Bahari Antono
Venue :
HRD Forum Training Centre

IS Plaza Building, 9th floor
Jakarta Timur

Ms. Rani Kartika
0815 1049 0007

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